The African FinTech Awards is the place for entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and advisors, to extend networks and develop business .African FinTech Awards 2017 featuring international keynote speakers, pitches by Africa’s best FinTech companies, networking possibilities and stand opportunities to witness the future of finance in Africa. A holistic view of what is happening in the African FinTech space is given to all participants via the captivating pitches.

The edition of 2017 of the African FinTech Awards promises to be bigger and better. Major key players already confirmed their presence in 2017. Make sure you don’t miss out and mark the date in your calendar. Registrations for the event 12 and 13 of October 2017 in the Sandton Convention Centre have opened already. Do not hesitate to register now by clicking here and using code AFTA 2017.

The African FinTech Awards forms an integrated part of Finance Indaba Africa. Finance Indaba Africa is the largest conference and expo for finance professionals on the continent.

Zeepay Ghana Limited is a wholly Ghanaian owned Mobile Financial Services company focused on providing integrated mobile payments services with mobile wallets targeting the unbanked and banked population with the objective of bringing the unbanked into the financial stream and easing payments and collections for the banked population.

Zeepay facilitates the processing of multiple mobile phone payment transactions, and operates as a  aggregator that brings transaction of all players together on one single platform. The company’s core application runs on an open source technology, and it’s designed to integrate all types of payment platforms, banks, merchants, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and other companies with subscriber based transactions.

Zeepay’s objective is to include about 50% of the unbanked population through the provision of mobile financial services with retail enablement. While improving revenue mobilization for Government, Municipals, Insurance, Banks, Retail based organizations, and all relevant key stakeholders within the payments and collections ecosystem.

We provide a platform that accepts mobile money wallets, debit & loyalty cards, and cash at the point of sale along with operating as a store house for holding cash through mobile wallets for members.

Our Mobile Financial Services platform runs on an open source, giving us the ability to aggregate all modes of payments within Ghana and abroad. We do not compete with, but rather provide a means to payments and collections for both Retail partners and direct competitors. For competitors, our core mission is to expand their reach through varied partnerships hence the reason we pride ourselves as aggregators.

We are the first to go to market in Ghana with the “tap and pay” and the “click and send” service, offering two factor authenfication as the minimum – which in Ghana is PIN and biometric, we use another factor which is near field communication.

Earlier this year , Zeepay won the startup award of the year at the Ghana startups award in Ghana

Zeepay has been nominated in these years African fintech awards and is going to compete with other mobile money giants in Africa

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